About Trash Movie Poetry

Trash Movie Poetry is the webzine/blog brainchild of The Vicar of VHS, one half of the dastardly duo in charge of Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies. In addition to being a man of the mad movie cloth and an exploitation movie reviewer of distressing enthusiasm, the Vicar is also a Master of Literature (no, really!) and a published author of short stories and poetry.

Seeking to join his disparate passions into one writhing, throbbing, seething mass of excellence, the Vicar started Trash Movie Poetry to encourage his parishioners and poets across the 'net to seek inspiration from the way-out, groovy, and otherwise MAD movies that are his main source of joie de vivre. In time, and with the help of talented people from around the world, the Vicar hopes to create hear the world's most definitive anthology of mad movie poetry.

Please see the submissions guidelines page for information on how you can add your voice to the infernal wails of the Trash Movie Poets.