Submission Guidelines

Trash Movie Poetry is a labor of love, and as such does not offer payment at this time, other than whatever cultural currency one might glean from being posted on this site.* Though its publisher has delusions of grandeur that involve expanding this humble page into a publishing empire that will spread the versified gospel of mad movies into every corner of world literature whilst simultaneously filling his coffers with gold and the underthings of his fans, we're quite simply not there yet. At such time as we move closer to that goal, the payment policy may change.

*Yes, I realize you could start your own poetry blog and simply cut out the editorial middle man. In fact, you should! It's easy, and the rejection letters are much less scathing. I've done it myself, and would recommend it to any frustrated genius languishing in unpublished limbo.

Trash Movie Poetry will consider ANY form of verse: rhymed, unrhymed, free verseblank versesonnetslimerickshaikurondeauxvillanelles, prose poems, whatever floats your boat. Even acrostics, if such inspires you! 

The only requirement is that the movie's subject matter be a trash movie of some kind, and the movie be identified along with the submission. 

Of course "trash" is a loaded phrase and subject to interpretation, but for the purposes of our discussion it shall be defined thus: a trash movie is a generally low-budget, genre-centric effort that has by and large not been invited to the Mainstream Movie Party. Qualifying genres include but are not limited to horror, sci-fi, fantasy (sword-and-sorcery, etc.), exploitation of any variety (blaxsploitation, sexploitation, nunsploitation, nazisploitation, etc. etc.), non-mainstream action films, and anything else that you wouldn't normally see at the Conglomocorp Megaplex.

Please note that "trash" in this context is NOT a derogatory term or value judgement--just as there are terrible mainstream movies, there are wonderful and powerfully affecting "trash" movies. For examples of the kind of flick I'm talking about, please see my other blog.

Please include your submission in the body of an email and send it to Receipt will be acknowledged and a response given in a reasonable amount of time--hopefully within a week, unless something comes up. I will do my best to respond to all submissions, until such time as volume or personal responsibility make it infeasible. 

By submitting to Trash Movie Poetry you assert that the work is yours to submit, that you want to have it published on the site if accepted, and that the Vicar is the awesomest cleric of obsolete video formats on the web. No exceptions.

All rights revert to the author immediately upon publication.

Also, please understand that while the movies that inspire the poems are considered by many not to be very good, the poems themselves hopefully will be. Not every poem will be accepted. Familiarize yourself with the form and write the best you can. If you have any previous publishing credits, by all means let me know, but don't count on it to get you an automatic posting.

Also, while I will consider any and all forms, I admit to having a personal preference for formal poetry, particularly sonnets, when written well and with attention to unforced meter and rhyme. 

If you have any queries or comments, send them to